[amsat-bb] FO-29

Joe Veldhuis jvn8fq at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 13:15:33 PDT 2007

I did not hear FO-29 during orbit 52714. Last Tuesday afternoon I was working the satellite from the Holland ARC clubhouse and noticed that my downlinked signal was intermittent and FMing quite severely. At first I attributed this to the rig (an old Kenwood TS-700A with mechanical tuning) but listening "on the input" revealed my uplink signal to be pure and steady. So I guess this bird has been sick for some time.

Like everyone, I really hope that the control ops can save this satellite.

-Joe, N8FQ
Grand Haven, Michigan
42°59'40"N 86°7'27"W (EN62wx)

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