[amsat-bb] China as a possible amateur radio launcher

Luc Leblanc lucleblanc6 at videotron.ca
Sun Apr 15 22:16:48 PDT 2007

>From Hearsat mailing list.

I know its not sexy but is anyone think about China for a possible Amateur 
satellite Payload launcher?  Could be they can be less "chilly" about side car 
payload effects?

They seems to not be bothered too much with principles when times come to blow 
out their own satellite in space!

Just my 2 Yuan...

 "China launched a satellite Wednesday to begin a three-year mission surveying
the world's oceans to monitor sea color and temperature, according to state
media reports.

 The Haiyang 1B satellite is China's second oceanographic satellite, and it
replaces an earlier craft that stopped working in 2004, according to the Xinhua
news agency.

 Liftoff of Haiyang 1B occurred at 0327 GMT (11:27 p.m. EDT Tuesday) from
Taiyuan launch center in northeastern China's Shanxi province, Xinhua reported.

 A two-stage Long March 2C rocket deployed the payload into orbit a few minutes
later, completing China's second space launch of the year. The flight of the
138-foot-tall booster marked the Long March rocket family's 54th consecutive
successful mission since 1996.

 Haiyang 1B was delivered to a Sun-synchronous orbit circling Earth's poles.
This type of orbit allows satellites to fly over much of the planet at set

 The craft is the second ocean surveying satellite fielded by China, and its
mission will include pushing Chinese development of ocean resources, aiding the
construction of new harbors and ports, and monitoring ocean pollution, 
to Xinhua."

 Source: Spaceflight Now, "China launches an ocean observer spacecraft"

"It helps at times to not be too fussy and strict on principles" Moqtada Sadr 

P.S. congratulations for the FO-29ers The new fifthy fews as we could be named 
them now.

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
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