[amsat-bb] Re: FO-29 QSO

Sil - ZL2CIA zl2cia at paradise.net.nz
Sat Apr 14 21:49:28 PDT 2007

> Maybe someone on the bb can tell me why I can send messages to the bb, but
> don't ever get others' messages as email.  I must check the website to look
> at messages.  Should I just unsubscribe and then subscribe again?

Two things come to mind. Of course, you may have checked these already, 
in which case I apologise for telling you something you already know, but...

The AMSAT-BB reflector will send to the email address it has recorded in 
its mailing database. This may be incorrect. You can check this by going 
to this webpage:  http://amsat.org/mailman/listinfo/amsat-bb

Your ISP may be using a SPAM filter that is blocking amsat messages - or 
perhaps your own spam filter is doing this. I am using thunderbird as my 
mail client and had to tell it to accept AMSAT mail which it thought was 

I lived in Amsterdam  for 11 years and managed a few trans-Atlantic QSO 
from there, via LEO. If you think FO29 is quiet where you are, you 
should hear it down here. I'm often the only station on and so 
experiment with various data modes, power levels, and pretty much 
anything else I can dream up.

all the best.

Sil - ZL2CIA

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