[amsat-bb] Re: DSP Speaker

Thu Apr 12 14:16:37 PDT 2007

Great unit.  I got one a couple of years ago, and am constantly amazed at
how well it works.  It simply puts to shame the DSP noise reduction in my
rig, or the Timewave unit I used before.  It worked great on AO-40, which
was my reason for getting it.  It is less necessary, but still useful, with
the LEO birds, both FM and SSB.  And all with one switch.  I have noticed a
sort of "whirring" noise when it is really reaching into a noisy, weak
signal.  It is just barely perceptible.  About half the people I have
demonstrated the unit hear it, and the others do not.    

Too bad it does not seem to be available any more, as I would like to get
the speaker version for mobile operations.  Heil had them briefly, but for
some reason seems to have discontinued them.  I recall one review which
something to the effect that while the hardware was rather routine, they had
licensed some commercial algorithms from a major telecom.  FWIW


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