[amsat-bb] CubeSat launch 17Apr07 06:46:35UT

Ralph Wallio, W0RPK W0RPK at netINS.net
Tue Apr 10 06:47:00 PDT 2007

The next CubeSat launch is scheduled for 17Apr07 06:46:35UT via an
ISC Kosmotras Dnepr launch vehicle from Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan.
Four-of-seven CubeSats will be using Amateur Radio frequencies and
modes as follows:

CalPoly PolySat CP3
436.845MHz (1W) 1200bps FM AFSK AX.25 (Part-5 experimental license)

CalPoly PolySat CP4
437.325MHz (1W) 1200bps FM AFSK AX.25

University of Louisiana CAPE-1
435.245MHz (1W) 9600bps FM FSK AX.25 and CW telemetry
during opposite 30sec intervals using call sign K5USL
Forward received telemetry to jd.harrist at gmail.com

Universidad Sergio Arboleda  (Colombia) Libertad-1
437.405MHz (400mw) 1200bps FM AFSK AX.25

Also see http://cubesat.atl.calpoly.edu/ and
http://showcase.netins.net/web/wallio/CubeSat.htm for more information.

P-POD C (Preliminary) for 17Apr07 launch
1 xxxxxU xxxxxxxx 07107.29311609  .00000000  00000-0  00000-0 0 0000x
2 xxxxx 098.0870 182.3615 0084000 198.3918 339.9240 14.51600000    1x
Preliminary First Orbit+ Schedule
17Apr07     06:46:35UT  Launch
            07:02       CubeSat separation
            07:08       AOS South Africa
            07:52       AOS Hawaii USA
            07:59       AOS CalPoly  CA USA
            08:01       AOS KL7UW  Alaska USA
            08:20       AOS Northern Europe
            08:25       AOS Central Europe & UK
09:17       AOS ZL1AOX  New Zealand
      09:42       AOS KL7UW  Alaska USA
      10:53       AOS ZL1AOX  New Zealand
      11:16       AOS Japan
      11:30       CP3/CP4 start transmitting
      12:32       AOS ZL1AOX  New Zealand
      15:04       AOS WØRPK  Iowa USA
TNX es 73 de Ralph Wallio, WØRPK
W0RPK at netINS.net
Hubbert's Peak - The Mother of all Perfect Storms

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