[amsat-bb] Help with GS-232 UPDATE

John Meeks jmeek at harbor.gaslightmedia.com
Mon Apr 9 15:36:13 PDT 2007

After checking all the settings suggested by the group and concluding that 
my expensive little Yaesu box was toasted, I set the SatPC32 SDX to 2400 
baud and turned off the FIFO buffer on my com port. VOILA! I'm guessing 
the data was getting corrupted in the data buffer but have no idea why 
that would be the case.

Thanks to all who replied with suggestions. Perhaps this fix will be 
googled from the archives in the future by someone having trouble passing 
data to the rotor controller. 

Now at least the FM birds will be hands free !!

thanks and 73
John Meeks

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