[amsat-bb] Re: Flex-5000

Edward Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
Fri Apr 6 13:00:12 PDT 2007

At 11:19 AM 4/6/2007, Robert McGwier wrote:
>Edward Cole wrote:
>>I had a look a the info on the Flex Radio website.  I'd be 
>>interested in more information when its available: interior photos 
>>and block diagram.  For satellite use, hopefully freq offset 
>>separation between RX and TX LO's is possible.  If it is, then 
>>satellite tracking software may be written for the radio.  Couple 
>>that with appropriate xvtrs and this will make a great satellite radio.
>Completely, totally separates in the same box.  It will share the 
>same antenna or not.  It will use the 0 dBm port in simplex or 
>duplex mode for transmit transverter. You can set up the transverter 
>port to be full duplex and run the transmit and receive converters 
>simultaneously through the separate IF's.  You should have heard me 
>howl when this was messed up on the first alpha model.  ;-).
>>I'm playing with the SDR-IQ joined to a DEMI 144/28 xvtr for 
>>experimenting on eme with JT65.  Having the direct USB connection 
>>is a great work around the slower sound-cards.  Assuming the 5000 
>>does the same to get 190-KHz span.
>Firewire.  This allows ONE cable for control and isochronous 
>sampling for the transmitter and the two receivers.  The IF is 
>delivered isochronously to the operating system where the DSP does 
>all demod,mod, and detection.  192 kHz is chosen because the radio 
>uses standard sound card rates to get it into the operating system easily.
>Firewire was designed for this kind of operation with isochronous 
>sampling and asynchronous tranmission for control.  It works well 
>enough to deliver QSK operation.
>>For full use of Linrad, dual Rx channels are needed where the two 
>>Rx are slaved to the same LO for preservation of phase.  I'm 
>>wondering if this is possible with the new radio with the extra Rx?
>ALL oscillators are derived from the same sources where they need to 
>be.  You will be have all LO's be in phase.  I cannot wait to do 
>polarization diversity at Al Katz house with this radio.

Wow!  What can one say, but --- Cool.  This might be my next radio?

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