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"Gary Mayfield" <gary_mayfield at hotmail.com> wrote:

>I believe AMSAT still has program to generate keps for the moon at

The AMSAT web site calls these pseudo-Keps, because the
NORAD orbital models just don't apply to the Earth-Moon system.

Among other things, the Moon's mass is far larger than any
satellite, and its orbit is affected by the Sun far more than any
satellite the NORAD models are intended to track.

And now for something completely different: I recently bought
Connections on DVD, and in one episode James Burke started
with a wonder of modern technology, a satellite navigation
system. It appeared to be a Transit receiver (no GPS in 1978),
and was quite the contraption: two big boxes, one little one,
a wild looking VHF/UHF antenna and lots of cables.

The Transit satellites are still up there, but they don't use
them for navigation any more.

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