Mailing Lists and Services

AMSAT operates the Internet host AMSAT.ORG to provide for efficient communications between people interested in the amateur satellite program. At this time the following services are provided:

Mailing List Services

The primary discussion list is AMSAT-BB which serves as an exchange for information about amateur radio satellites, the ISS, operating techniques, and information in general.
You can subscribe to a number of mailing lists to receive information relating to the amateur space program.  These lists are intended to encourage the free, open, and timely exchange of ideas and information.  However, contributors are expected to be respectful toward others and their viewpoints.  See our AMSAT Acceptable Use Policy for guidelines on maintaining a civil discourse.  Please keep in mind that our public lists are read by people and organizations worldwide, and postings are often picked up and distributed by the other amateur news media.
In addition to the mailing lists messages are archived on to the web site. If you unsubscribe from the mailing list and rely exclusively on the web pages, the system will no longer recognize you as a subscriber. That means if you post a message to the list, it will be held for manual review before it goes out.
Current AMSAT-BB Archive
Pre-2009 AMSAT-bb Archive
Pre-2009 SAREX Archive

Mail Alias service
Permits a user to receive Internet mail using an alias such as for convenience.
Mailing List Spam Information
These articles will help you understand the way AMSAT approaches tagging spam and keeps it from flooding your email box.

Please follow this one simple rule (for mailing lists)!

Do not send any administrative requests to the mailing list!

You can make changes to your subscription (for example, you can unsubscribe) by visiting the web page mentioned at the bottom of every mailing list message. Or, you can go to the ListInfo page and choose the mailing list you want.

If you need help from a human, you can email

All administrative requests about mail aliases are handled through the Your Mail Alias page.

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If you have questions, comments, or complaints about the mailing services, you may contact a live person by sending email to