AMSAT-NA Satgen Subject Index

Satgen was a bulletin issued weekly via amateur packet radio by John Branegan, GM4IHJ (SK), from April 1989 through August 2001.

This collection includes all the Satgen bulletins. This includes some that are out of date or superceded.

A Chronological Index is also available.

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AMRAD OSCAR 273 articles
Amsats general40 articles
Antennas36 articles
AO10 OSCAR 1018 articles
AO13 OSCAR 1318 articles
Astronomy5 articles
Asymmetry1 article
Aurora26 articles
Auroral Es3 article
Au Km Radiation1 article
Calendars5 articles
Comets26 articles
Cosmos 16864 articles
Diffraction1 article
Digisats51 articles
Doppler29 articles
DOVE16 articles
Earthquakes3 articles
Eclipse2 articles
Faraday6 articles
Fuji OSCAR 12/20/2922 articles
Future18 articles
Gateways10 articles
Geosats20 articles
Gravity1 article
Hubble5 articles
Interplanetary28 articles
Intruders14 articles
Keplerian Elements18 articles
KITSAT OSCAR 23/2511 articles
Magnetism9 articles
MAK minisat2 articles
Meteor Scatter39 articles
Microwave14 articles
Mir44 articles
Mobile Phones42 articles
Molniya8 articles
Moonbounce1 article
Navsats2 articles
Orbits61 articles
Pacsats51 articles
Picture5 articles
Planets21 articles
Prophets1 article
PSK9 articles
Propagation66 articles
QRM14 articles
Radiation14 articles
Receivers8 articles
RM-1 RS14 OSCAR 216 articles
RS 10/11 12/1359 articles
RS 157 articles
Rudak3 articles
SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar)1 article
Sara5 articles
Satellite Books2 articles
Satellite Building3 articles
Satellite Descriptions13 articles
Satellite Frequencies20 articles
Satellite Information14 articles
Satellite Names3 articles
Satellite Spotting13 articles
Shuttle17 articles
Software36 articles
Solar Sail2 articles
Spacecraft5 article
Space Education6 articles
Space Experiments19 articles
Spaceguard1 article
Spacewatch4 articles
Sporadic E13 articles
Stabilization5 articles
Sub horizon HF26 articles
Sun23 articles
Techsat3 articles
Telemetry6 articles
UNAMSAT8 articles
Uo3 OSCAR 1415 articles
Uo5 OSCAR 2211 articles
Visual Observation16 articles

Updated 9 Feb 2003. Articles and original subject index by John Branegan, GM4IHJ (SK). Feedback to KB5MU.