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Spacewalkers Complete S3/S4 Work


Spacewalkers Complete S3/S4 Work, Press Ahead With Other Tasks

STS-117 spacewalk Image above: Mission Specialists Patrick Forrester
and Steven Swanson check the Drive Lock Assembly 2 on the S3/S4 truss
segment of the International Space Station. Image credit: NASA TV

Mission Specialists Patrick Forrester and Steven Swanson completed their 
spacewalking tasks to activate the International Space Stationís new 
truss segment. They are now focusing on other work related to the 
assembly of the station.

Forrester and Swanson began the excursion at 1625 UTC and quickly went 
to work preparing the Starboard 3 and 4 (S3/S4) truss segment for 
operation. The S3/S4 was installed onto the station on June 11. Most of 
the S3/S4 work centered on activating the Solar Alpha Rotary Joint 
(SARJ), which will allow the S3/S4 arrays to track the Sun.

Early in the spacewalk, Forrester verified the installation of the Drive 
Lock Assembly 2, one of two mechanisms that will drive rotation of the 
SARJ, and Swanson installed a TV camera. Then, the duo removed the final 
launch restraints on the SARJ before removing a keel pin and drag link 
to clear the path for the stationís mobile transporter.

The remaining tasks for the spacewalkers include the installation a 
computer network cable onto the Unity module and the removal of a Global 
Positioning System antenna. The duo is also slated to complete the 
installation of a piece of debris shielding on the Destiny laboratory.

Mission Specialist Jim Reilly is coordinating the spacewalk, and Pilot 
Lee Archambault is operating the robot arm. Expedition 15 Flight 
Engineer Oleg Kotov is working with Reilly as he trains for upcoming 
spacewalks by the station crew in which he will serve as coordinator.

The spacewalk is slated to conclude about 2230 UTC.

Forrester and Swanson conducted STS-117ís second spacewalk. Reilly and 
Mission Specialist Danny Olivas conducted the other two. Todayís 
excursion is the 88th spacewalk devoted to station assembly and 
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