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Repair of Equipment aboard ISS - Status 447.475 WA1KAT/R

With the recent partial repair of the amateur radio gear aboard ISS, the
447.475 mHz WA1KAT/R EMA Repeater will resume activity crossbanding both the
new ISS Packet frequency of 145.825 and the Voice downlink of 145.800 mHz.

The purpose of this repeater is to offer the opportunity for earthbound ISS
Voice operations to be accomplished with a single band UHF transceiver (10
mHz split) with no diplexer required of the operator.

It also will allow the Packet operator full duplex operations providing the
tools to reduce packet clashes over an 800 mile radius.

Due to the imminent pressures of PAVE-PAWS, the repeater will be operating
at a power level of 20w from behind a ridgeline approximately 7 miles
northwest of the original Salem Hospital location.

The current location 42.640415N/-70.947058W affords southerly protection
from Otis AFB, a factor which is lacking at the original Salem Hospital

The repeater is utilized by a dedicated group of Merrimack Valley amateurs
who strongly support ISS activity. It is also available to the members of
MAREX-NA, the organization putting SSTV gear aboard the ISS in the near

Although I have contacted NESMC previously, I still note that the WA1KAT/R
repeater on 447.475 mHz is not listed on your website. The repeater has been
active at the Topsfield location, repeating 145.800 ISS traffic, predating
my last emails to you.

If you have any questions, please contact me...

Roger Kolakowski
Trustee WA1KAT/R 447.475 mHz
Essex County repeater.

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