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Back to the Future - NASA Style


NASA News wrote:
> May 10, 2007
> Allard Beutel
> Headquarters, Washington 
> 202-358-4769
> Lindsay Crouch
> Langley Research Center, Hampton, Va.
> 757-864-3189
> Kevin Crossett
> Jamestown 2007, Wiliamsburg, Va.
> 757-253-4534 
> JAMESTOWN, Va. - What do Captain John Smith and Space Shuttle 
> Commander Rick Sturckow have in common? Or Pocahontas and NASA 
> astronaut Suni Williams? These explorers may be separated by 400 
> years, but they share the same spirit of adventure and discovery. 
> As an official partner with the Jamestown 2007 Commemoration 
> Commission, NASA will demonstrate this connection to the thousands of 
> visitors to Jamestown, Va., May 11 - 13 for America's Anniversary 
> Weekend. 
> Sunday, May 13, will be a highlight of the weekend with a visit from 
> President George W. Bush. NASA Administrator Michael Griffin will 
> introduce a special message from the crew of the International Space 
> Station, which includes Williams, during the president's visit.
> NASA will debut an interactive exhibit that highlights the connections 
> between settlers in Virginia almost 400 years ago and NASA's plans to 
> explore space and establish a presence on other worlds. This exhibit 
> gives visitors the chance to make a personalized "Space Postcard;" be 
> photographed as an astronaut or settler; and win prizes for 
> participating in a NASA trivia game.
> America's long-term exploration policy, the Vision for Space 
> Exploration, is working to return humans to the moon and develop the 
> tools needed to further explore Earth, the moon, Mars and beyond. The 
> road to discovery, much like the path to Jamestown, involves 
> searching for water, accommodating human needs, developing new forms 
> of transportation and establishing a settlement or space colony. 
> These four themes will be demonstrated through interactive displays 
> and hands-on activities in the NASA exhibit.
> America's Anniversary Weekend is the national observance of the 400th 
> anniversary of the founding of Jamestown - the first permanent 
> English colony in America. The weekend will feature historical 
> interpretations, demonstrations, musical performances and educational 
> displays.
> In June, a little piece of history will hitch a ride on space shuttle 
> Atlantis during its next mission, targeted for launch on June 8. A 
> lead cargo tag, dating back to the 1600s, is tucked inside a box in 
> the shuttle's middeck. The tag is the only thing found in 13 years by 
> the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities 
> archeological digs at Jamestown Island that contains the word "Yames 
> Towne" on it. The tag's trip celebrates the link between explorers 
> past and present. 
> For details on America's Anniversary Weekend, visit:
> http://www.Americas400thAnniversary.com 
> For more information on NASA, visit: 
> http://www.nasa.gov 
> -end-
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