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iSS Status Report: SS07-24


> May 4, 2007
> Katherine Trinidad
> Headquarters, Washington 
> 202-358-3749
> John Ira Petty
> Johnson Space Center, Houston
> 281-483-5111 
> HOUSTON - Marking the second week working together, the Expedition 15 
> crew wrapped up a week of various maintenance tasks, science 
> experiments and preparations for the May 15 arrival of the Progress 
> 25 supply ship. 
> To prepare for the new unpiloted cargo carrier's arrival, the 
> currently docked Progress' engines were used to reboost the station 
> Saturday. The move increases the number of rendezvous opportunities 
> for the STS-117 space shuttle mission targeted for next month. 
> Expedition 15 Commander Fyodor Yurchikhin and flight engineers Oleg 
> Kotov and Suni Williams also removed the docking mechanism from the 
> Progress 24 for later use.
> The week included work on a wide array of science experiments. 
> Williams completed the fifth run of the Elastic Memory Composite 
> Hinge experiment. The experiment studies the performance of a new 
> hinge composite in space. 
> Williams also did a test run of a handheld device for rapid detection 
> of biological and chemical substances on board the station. This 
> study is meant to provide an early warning system to protect the 
> health and safety of station crew members. Williams also completed 
> annual re-certification of the Microgravity Science Glovebox and 
> performed a checkout of the cardiac defibrillator.
> Kotov did maintenance work in the Zarya module and tested the circuits 
> of a temperature sensor on one of the batteries. He also conducted 
> the periodic collection of air readings in the station with the 
> Russian Real-Time Harmful Contaminant Gas Analyzer system.
> Other hardware and maintenance tasks included the replacement of a 
> Common Cabin Air Analyzer, sound level monitoring in the Russian 
> Service Module and in the U.S. Destiny Laboratory, and charging U.S. 
> spacesuits batteries. 
> Crew members wrapped up the week replacing a heat exchanger in the 
> Zvezda Service Module. They also swapped out computers used in the 
> U.S. lab racks. 
> The weekend will consist of mostly off-duty time with routine 
> housekeeping, family conferences and a HAM radio session. 
> For more about the crew's activities and station sighting 
> opportunities, visit: 
> http://www.nasa.gov/station
> -end-
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