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Re: Marex news, ISS radio status

HI Dave
Thank you very much for clarifying which one of the
two reload procedures will be attempted on ISS Soon.

The Serial port connector on the front of the radio is
the easiest load to use.  It allows you to quickly
upload channel settings.

The Internal load is used for loading the more complex

Lets hope that Charles Simonyi gets some time to try
the reload, so we can put one issue behind us.

SSTV Testing:

During the SSTV testing last summer we ran into a few
unexpected problems.
The first problem was we did not have a set of written
procedures to instruct the crew which buttons to push
on the radio to accept the SSTV Audio over the DIN

The Second problem was, SpaceCam SSTV was never tested
with a D700 loaded with ISS-Flight software.

The SSTV software SpaceCam1, had been tested on 4
different operation systems, Dozens of computers,
Dozens of transceivers, including a Stock Terrestrial
version of the D700.   All configurations with good
results. However it had never been tested on a D700
that was using the Special ISS-Flight version of the
operating system.

A problem that was quickly discovered in Flight, was
that when SSTV audio was fed into the DIN connector on
the D700, it was directed to the wrong down link
frequency.  The problem was caused by the unique way
the D700 software was configured.   This special D700
is always running packet and both Bands at the same
time.  The ISS crew had to experiment with different
voice channels and button configurations until they
found one that worked. In the process a few channel
configurations may have changed.

In the future we hope to approve a tested procure that
supports SSTV.

WF1F Marex SpaceCam1

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