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ISS amateur radio status (Dec 2006)

The Phase I amateur radio gear in the FGB appears to have developed an
intermittent audio issue that will require some crew time to be
scheduled in order to try and determine the cause of the problem. This
system has been used primarily for school contacts since the packet
system associated with that radio began exhibiting problems during
Expedition 6.

The Phase II system in the ISS service module has not been operating
properly since August 2006 when the default settings for the radio
changed. The radio transmits and receives fine and continues to be used
for school contacts but until the radio is reprogrammed, only
intermittent operations will be possible. A computer designated for
amateur radio operations that will allow reprogramming of the radio is
planned to arrive on the next Progress vehicle in 2007. Until the radio
is reprogrammed, it is unlikely that any of the automatic modes (Packet
and APRS, SSTV or the Crossband Repeater) will be operating or will only
operate for brief periods of time.

Kenneth - N5VHO

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