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Re: Linux tracker

Hi Norm and others,

Quoting "Norm, VK2XCI" <vk2xci@aanet.com.au>:
> I guess I really mean prediction software! From the Ubuntu Gnome 
> Repository I've got Gnome Predict 'sort of running" It puts me IN the 
> right place QF15bt but REPORTS it as QF25bt so I'm a bit suspicious 
> about the accuracy. Feel free to put me right.

You are not wrong, but the version available in the Ubuntu repositories is very
old and has many bugs. There has been a major update to gpredict quite recently,
including improvements of the accuracy and prediction capabilities.

The new version is available for debian at  
and as far as I know Ubuntu uses the same packages as Debian, so you could give
it a try.

Information about third party packages for other Linux distributions, Windows
and Mac is avalable at


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