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[Sarex] sstv

Greetings to the group

thanks to mile mann for posting the sstv info

I downloaded MMSSTV and connected a simple monoraul patch cable from the
line in jack of the computer to the headphone jack of the HF rig to learn.

I've been monitoring 14.230 all afternoon and learning the program and how
to set the levels etc.

Some phots are noisy or partial from weak signals but this is a great way
to get ready for the space station sstv. I imagine the fm signal will be
much cleaner.

SSTV is easier to set up and use. Thanks to mako for a great program.

Thanks miles for posting info. You might do it again shortly.

tnx, pat n2oeq

P.S. single patch cable is for recieve only!  I'll make up transmit cable