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[Sarex] Re: ARLS005 Massive CubeSat launch fails

ARRL Web site wrote:
> ARLS005 Massive CubeSat launch fails
> ZCZC AS05  
> QST de W1AW  
> Space Bulletin 005  ARLS005
> >From ARRL Headquarters  
> Newington, CT  July 27, 2006
> To all radio amateurs
> ARLS005 Massive CubeSat launch fails
> An attempt to launch 15 CubeSats from 11 universities and one
> private company failed July 26. Fourteen of the CubeSats, now lost,
> carried Amateur Radio transmit-only payloads.
> The Dnepr-1LV rocket lifted off from Russia's Baikonur Cosmodrome in
> Kazakhstan at 1943 UTC on July 26. Space Launch Report cites payload
> users as reporting that the mission went awry sometime after
> first-stage separation. An Interfax, report said an emergency
> shutdown of the rocket's main engine initiated 86 seconds after
> launch, shortly before the first stage would have completed its
> burn. Gazeta.kz reported the vehicle fell to Earth almost 190 km
> from the launch site.
> Originally set for June 28, the launch had been postponed until July
> 26. The CubeSat project was a collaboration between California
> Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo and Stanford
> University's Space Systems Development Laboratory. All of the
> CubeSats were designed and built by students at various universities
> in the US and elsewhere in the world.
> Thirteen of the satellites were to have downlinks in the Amateur
> Radio satellite allocation between 435 and 438 MHz, and one was to
> operate on 145.980 MHz. None of the spacecraft carried a
> transponder. Transmitter power outputs ranged from 10 mW to 2 W.
> According to Satellite Launch Report, the original Dnepr launcher
> was replaced by a different one in June after a problem was detected
> in the original vehicle's digital flight control system. The Dnepr
> vehicle is a repurposed SS-18 "Satan" three-stage intercontinental
> ballistic missile.
> /EX