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Discovery Lands in Florida


Discovery Lands in Florida

The six-member crew of STS-121 has left Discovery. The astronauts took 
their first steps out of the orbiter at Kennedy Space Center to move 
into the Crew Hatch Access Vehicle, where they were given a brief 
medical exam to ensure they're healthy. After receiving a clean bill of 
health by doctors, Commander Steve Lindsey and his crew took a walk 
around Discovery to examine the orbiter. The seventh crew member, Thomas 
Reiter of the European Space Agency, remained at the International Space 

NASA's silver Astrovan is ready to carry the astronauts to the crew 
quarters inside the Operations and Checkout Building. There, they'll 
meet with their families and undergo additional physical exams before 
returning to Johnson Space Center in Texas.

A post-mission press conference with some of the STS-121 crew members is 
scheduled for 11 a.m. EDT at Johnson Space Center. NASA TV will televise 
this live event.

The STS-121 astronauts returned home today from a successful mission to 
the International Space Station when Space Shuttle Discovery touched 
down at Kennedy Space Center, Fla. Landing occurred at 9:14 a.m. EDT.

Discovery gave the United States a birthday present when it launched 
July 4. STS-121 spent just under 13 days in orbit, with almost nine days 
at the station. Discovery delivered supplies, equipment and a new 
Expedition 13 crew member to the orbital outpost.

During three spacewalks, the STS-121 crew members performed maintenance 
on the stationís mobile transporter and tested orbiter heat shield 
repair techniques. They also conducted joint operations with the 
Expedition 13 crew.

STS-121 was the 115th shuttle mission and the 18th to visit the space 
station. Also, landing marked the end of Discoveryís 32nd flight.
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