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*Discovery is a "Go" for Launch*
Discovery stands ready for liftoff on Launch Pad 39B at Kennedy Space 
Center in Florida.

If the weather cooperates this will be the first space shutlle to launch 
on Independence Day.
+ View July 1 Launch Attempt 

+ View July 2 Launch Attempt 

A replay of the "STS-121 Astronaut Webcast" is now available online.
+ Watch STS-121 Astronaut Webcast 

*The Launch Team*
Learn more about the NASA team that's responsible for the events that 
lead up to the liftoff of mission STS-121.
+ Meet the Launch Team 

*Tanking Began*
The loading of Discovery's orange external tank with 500,000 gallons of 
liquid oxygen and hydrogen began at 4:32 a.m. EDT today. The tank is now 
full and will be continuously "topped off" with propellants until 
Discovery's launch. All systems onboard the space shuttle are 
functioning normally and are ready for liftoff.

Currently, there is an 80-percent chance of favorable weather forecasted 
for launch time. If the weather cooperates, Discovery will liftoff at 
2:38 p.m. for the International Space Station and be the first 
Independence Day launch of a space shuttle!

Today's countdown was given a "go" last night by the Mission Management 
Team following analysis of an area of cracked insulation foam spotted on 
an upper section of the external tank. During a routine inspection 
Sunday night after the draining of the external fuel tank, a crack was 
discovered in the foam near a bracket that holds the liquid oxygen 
feedline in place.

Extensive inspection showed that the area around the crack is intact and 
there is no concern for overheating around the bracket, as there is 
adequate foam still in place around the strut. Additional borescope 
inspection of the tank revealed that the metal bracket itself has no cracks.
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