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STS-121 STATUS 11:00AM EDT - 2 JULY 2006


*Discovery Crew is Ready To Go - 11 a.m.*
The Discovery crewmembers had an early morning wake-up call and ate 
their traditional launch-day breakfast in crew quarters located in the 
Operations and Checkout Building. Later they joined their crewmates and 
the entire flight team donned orange flight suits that contain an oxygen 
supply, communications equipment and a temperature control system. The 
suits also offer protection in the event of an emergency. After suiting 
up, the astronauts will make their way out of their quarters to a 
vehicle waiting to take them to Launch Pad 39B.

Yesterday's launch of Space Shuttle Discovery was postponed because of 
weather. This continues to be an issue today, with a 70 percent chance 
that local weather conditions will foil today's launch attempt. The 
preferred time for today's launch from Kennedy Space Center is 3:26 p.m.
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Steven Lindsey commands a crew of five American astronauts, Pilot Mark 
Kelly and Mission Specialists Michael Fossum, Lisa Nowak, Stephanie 
Wilson and Piers Sellers, and one astronaut from the European Space 
Agency, Thomas Reiter. This is the 18th U.S. flight to the International 
Space Station and the 32nd flight for Space Shuttle Discovery.

In Discovery's payload bay, the multi-purpose logistics module Leonardo, 
built by the Italian Space Agency, will deliver more than two tons of 
supplies, equipment and tools on its fourth trip to the station.

While docked, the STS-121 crew will test new equipment and procedures to 
improve shuttle safety, as well as make repairs to the station. Reiter 
will remain with the Expedition 13 crew on the station.
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