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ISS Voice Lap

Hello all,

I am wondering who all worked Leroy Chiao?
I know myself and 3 others so far.

He was only on for one pass after the Canadian School QSO.
So, for one lap around the earth I am wondering how many QSO's he might have 
Leroy did not sound very comfortable on the HAM Radio, as far as knowing how 
to respond to being called.
I hope we can hear more of him, and maybe there is a secret!
They have the internet up there, and can look around....
IF anyone talks to him again, point him to www.issfanclub.com and he will 
SEE we are talking about them up there, and all the enthusiasm!

Sure worth a shot!

I recorded my QSO, and you can hear it at www.qsl.net/wa6lie
It is a .wma file that should open automatically within your browser.
The file may take several minutes to come alive. You don't have to click on 

Thanks to ARISS for making all this possible!

Good Luck!!

73, Scott WA6LIE Salinas, Ca. 
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