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Repeater mode

Mike Fincke has requested the ARISS team allow him to
place the Kenwood radio in repeater mode sometime
Saturday, Sept 11. The exact time depends on Mike's
schedule of activities but will probably occur near
the end of his work day. The ARISS team is hopeful
that Mike will be using the radio a bit more in this
mode. This gives ground based stations the chance to
talk to each other plus the chance of talking to Mike
when he is available during the week. Crossband repeat
mode should last until a short time before the next
school contact which is currently scheduled for
Friday, Sept. 17 at 0738 over Japan. The radio should
return to packet mode after the school contact. 

As a reminder, 437.80 up, 145.80 down with no tone.

Kenneth - N5VHO
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