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ARISS Event -- Contact with Saint-Mard, France schools

The next ARISS contact will be held Thursday, 1 April at 
18:27 UTC with schools in Saint-Mard, northeast of Paris.

The contact will be held in English with station F5CAR. 
The contact will be held directly.

Further information will be provided within a day or two 
of the contact.

"The two schools of Saint-Mard are located at 
approximately 45 km in the North-East of Paris (France). 
There are about 600 pupils aged from 10 -15 years. A 
technical and scientific workshop called " SYNTHESES 3D " 
was created last year. This is a new efficient way of 
discussing scientific topics (like astronomy, the earth, 
and communications). The children work very hard every 
week on the satellites and the ISS (by learning radio 
technology and using computers equipped with 3D animation 
and modelling software)."

For further information on the ARISS programme, please 
look at our webpage, http://www.rac.ca/ariss

Scott H. Lindsey-Stevens / N3ASA
ARISS-US Public Relations Representative
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