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A Suggestion


As we continue to discuss the current and future ARISS events on this 
reflector, I would ask that each of us think about what we say and how it 
can be perceived before we hit the send button.

Specifically, it is my suggestion that we refrain from the use of words 
such as "hoax" and "lies" for example.  That is, of course, unless we have 
plenty of data to back up our statements.

I am writing this, not to pass judgement on anyone.  Personally, I 
appreciate the openness of everyone on this reflector.  This  reflector's 
purpose is to serve as a forum to provide timely information and to discuss 
and debate ideas, comments, thoughts, and suggestions regarding amateur 
radio on Human Spaceflight Vehicles.  I am writing this to remind each of 
us that we have a large cross section of people on this reflector.  This 
includes members of the various space agencies.  The space agencies have 
been really good to us.

I know everyone's adrenaline is high from the anticipated "hunt" for new DX 
on ISS.  But we need to step back and think:  What other amateur group 
(astronomers, etc) can say that they have equipment on-board ISS that is 
operational?  (except for packet being non-op, the equipment is working 
fine up there as the Renmark school showed last week)

Yes, there are a number of issues that need to be worked.   That includes 
getting packet up and running (more on this in an upcoming e-mail).  But if 
it wasn't challenging, I don't think you'd find us in this facet of the hobby.

As my subject states, this is a suggestion.

73,  Frank KA3HDO

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