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Re: Current list of SAREX frequencies needed ASAP!

On Tue, 9 Sep 2003, Dino Darling wrote:

> What are the current SAREX frequencies used by NASA?
> Here in Southern CA, we are re-vamping the 2 meter spectrum.  As I was
> intimate with packet for so many years, we worked hard to get a bandplan
> that made room for packet.  Now that the internet KILLED packet (it did for
> me anyway), it makes sense to take another look at the 2 meter spectrum and
> make room for simplex IRLP operations.
> One of the frequencies protected for SAREX was 144.950.  This frequency is
> on the block, as are a few others.
> We obviously recognize APRS and the ISS frequencies (144.390,
> 145.800/144.490/145.990).  What about the old SAREX frequencies? Thanks!

Not just SAREX but PCsat has unpublished command uplinks in that area as
do many of the other  satellites.  No one will probably tell you which
ones of course.


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