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Re: Who is Veronica....

Robert McGwier wrote:

> My disquiet is with the unstated implications of all other remarks
> made.  These implications have offended me to the utmost degree.
> If I have taken offense in error,  you have my apologies.  Otherwise,
> please keep your lascivious thinking to yourself.

Bob, whatever are you talking about?

In point of fact, female voices (as a group) *are* better heard in a 
noisy radio environment--maybe not by +6dB, but certainly they do stand 
out. Since they tend to have a higher fundamental frequency, they stand 
out in a crowd. This is why female-pitched voice recordings are used in 
cockpit warning systems. Quite often I find myself wishing for a clear 
soprano voice in a pile-up; as it is I'm stuck with my low contralto, 
which even sometimes fetches a "sir" from air traffic control when I'm 
out flying.

If Veronica and Valery are friends, I don't see any reason they 
shouldn't chat...without the presumtion that there's anything wrong with 
it. I thought that was one thing that ham radio was for. :-)

73 de Maggie K3XS

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