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Re: ISS Questions & Comments

Hi all,

I don't see the need to unplug a critical laptop if the new TNC was 
shipped to the ISS last August as was planned.  Didn't that happen?  
The new TNC had callsign (and hopefully some other beneficial 
parameters) burned into PROM.  For some more details, see:

But thanks to all those who help to get (and keep) things moving 
with the ARISS program.  I agree that NOCALL is better than NO 
SIGNAL.  Good luck getting them to turn it on again, or leaving it 
on the right freq, or whatever their trouble seems to be.  

I heard one of them calling CQ on voice on Christmas Eve but 
seemingly getting no response from the ground at all.  I suspect 
they were on the wrong channel and therefore could not hear all the 
hams here who were calling for them.  Packet has also been noted 
on the wrong frequency split (by this crew only, I believe).

73 de Stan/W4SV

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