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ISS Questions & Comments

Hello All,

     Scott Avery's comments, (WA6LIE), and questions
about the ISS PACKET are valid, and make good sense.
Scott may have said what many of us wanted to say,
but didn't.  And he did it in a very nice way!    

     I had asked one prominent SAREX ham about ISS also,
but was simply told "Well I understand, but they have
been very busy."  

     I didn't understand what being very busy had to
do with turning the packet ON, allowing many hams to
use it, but didn't question it. 

     And the NOCALL thing, what we all thought was
"temporary," has really gone a bit farther than expected.

     There's obviously a problem somewhere, and no
one wants to say where.  We have all been very patient.

     While it's good to hear the ISS astronauts making
school contacts, and everyone is pleased to see the new
ham radio antennas installed, something else is missing.  

     Thanks to Scott, WA6LIE, for asking what many of us
wanted to hear-- simple straight forward questions about
the ISS.      

Charlie Schlieper, N5TD
Temple, TX         
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