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Re: 9600 via soundcard

On Thu, 23 Aug 2001, Alan Stumpf wrote:

> I just finished reading the ARRL news about the launch (PCsat, Sapphire,
> Starshine 3) being delayed till Sept 17. Included in the article is the 2m
> frequency and that the telemetry of Starshine 3 will be AX.25 9600-baud.
> Well that equipment (a 9600-b modem) is not available to me. First is the
> mode FM? Second is it possible to decode (I only need to receive) this data
> via a soundcard?

Yes, it is FM and I think there are some people experimenting with sound
card decoders, but I dont recall any offhand?  In any case, you will have
to connect to the internal discriminator of the radio.  9600 baud will not
pass through audio and speaker circuits.  Easiest solution is just to find
someone with a Kenwood D7 HT or D700 Mobile rig.  THey have 9600 baud
TNC's built in...

Hope that helps


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