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Re: EVA Frequencies ?

On Saturday 18 August 2001 12:44, Albert K. Lark wrote:
> Does anyone know what frequencies are used during the EVA?
> The next pass is over the US, and I would like to try and monitor
> Tnx & 73
> Al - KD4SFF

Al, here is some info on shuttle comms...


The UHF system is used for EVA operations. The EVA astronaut's UHF 
communication are through the orbiter UHF airlock antenna. The two existing 
UHF frequencies of 296.8 MHz and 259.7 MHz are used; an extra UHF of 279.0 
MHz is added to the EMU backpack. The 279.0-MHz frequency can transmit or 
receive only among the two EVA astronauts and the orbiter, not the ground 

Terry - KE4PJW
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