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Sept 1 Launch

In addition to Bob's PcSat going up Starshine III is also being launched
(Starshine II is due to launched in 3 or so months). On board, as much as I
can get from their web site, are the student polished mirrors and 7 solar
cells feeding batteries for a 2m transmitter on 145.825 set to beacon every
1-2 min. A local teacher whose students last year polished 5 mirrors asked
me about this. She is due to give me a information  packet on the Ham gear
aboard but is off in Hawaii this week. So that I can get a jump start on
planning my involvement can someone on this list who is in the know describe
what radio equipment is onboard (TNC (1200,9600), Trans pwr, antenna,
ect...)? Also would it classify for a Oscar #?

It make me happy to see a very high quality and durable antenna system on
board your student's PCsat. Tell your students good job. Any speculation on
the Oscar designation?


Alan Stumpf, KB3DHC
North Hills Amateur Radio Club, W3EXW
    JOTA Committee Chair
North Hills High School Ham and Electronics Club, NH3HS
    Elmer and brother to treasurer KB3GIJ

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