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Re: ISS ground stations

On 04-Aug-01 Bob Bruninga wrote:
> On 3 Aug 2001, Delbert Matlock wrote:
>> > Maybe we could use something like Phil Karn's Satellite Telemetry Protocol
>> > http://people.qualcomm.com/karn/papers/telem.txt
> I am 100% in support of the concept of linking multiple Satellite ground
> stations everywhere so that we can see downlinks anywhere. We have been
> pushing for this since 1996.  I support Phils proposal.
> But for APRS packets in the ISS and soon PCsat downlinks which are low
> dutycycle and for which a worldwide distribution system already exists, I
> tend to prefer the backwards compatible approach using what we have
> already.  THen as Phil's system comes on line, we can transition at a
> later date to the ultimate protocol for all satellite data...
> de WB4APR, Bob

Sounds good.

When I made my proposal, I didn't realize that the IGates could handle non-aprs
packets.  I also didn't see a way to add a timestamp to a packet to handle
packets later for people who don't have full time internet connectivity. 
However, other people have come up with suggestions for extending the
current protocol that might work. 

When I have a chance I may take a look at what data is out there and see what I
can do with it.
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