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ISS Radio Info Needed

I have been asked to write an article for our company web site about the
Amateur Radio set-up aboard the ISS which our company donated.  Here are a
few things I need to know.  Perhaps some of you can help me with info or

*How many units are there and where are they located now?

*Is UHF being used at all presently?  

*What are the technical details of the systems?

*Exactly where were the custom-built units made?  

*What is the equivalent cost of these units had NASA been required to hire
them built?  

*Are the radios still being used for astronaut / family contacts or is all
that being done on one of the digital voice channels now available through
the main ISS comm system?  (I assume the TDRS system is being used for
voice, telemetry, and video just as it is aboard the shuttle.)  

*When we know the ISS is overhead and we hear no packet or voice, can we
assume that a family contact is going on? 

*How many school contacts have been made from the ISS so far?

*How long is the waiting list for school that wants to make contact?  

*Any neat anecdotal details? 

Your help is greatly appreciated. 

73, James Alderman, KF5WT
Dallas, TX

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