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Re: Why do so many people send ISS packet listing.. -- A

On 30-Jul-01 Delbert Matlock wrote:
> Perhaps, before worrying too much about getting new clients, some thought
> about an enhanced IGate submission protocol would be a good first step.  If
> the protocol is ready and published the maintainers of existing packet
> terminal programs might take an interest in adding "ARISS mode" to their
> applications.

Maybe we could use something like Phil Karn's Satellite Telemetry Protocol
(STP) proposal:

And just put raw packet in as the telemetry.

The good points of this:

1. It includes a timestamp of when the packet was received.  This would allow
packets to be submitted later by stations that don't have a full time Internet

2. It included the location of the receiving station.

3. It would allow all packets, not just aprs formated ones to be submitted.

4. You could tell which satellite it went through.

The problem points:

1. It's format is not compatible with the existing APRS IGate system.  It would
require setting up an parallel servers.  (Nothing says IGates can't submit to


Another option would be to extend the APRS IGate protocol to include received
timestamp and location.  Quickly looking at the APRS spec, I didn't see a way to
keep from confusing existing clients (having them ignore that added info, and
even ignore packets submitted after a delay)

A couple of questions did come to mind though:

1. Do the IGates put all packets on the net, or only the ones that look like

2. How do you tell which ones are through the ISS?  Relay through N0CALL?

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