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Re: Why do so many people send ISS packet listing.. -- Asolution?

Great ideas Delbert.  That is what the internet side of APRS has been
doing including all satellite downlinks since 1997.  Its all there.  All
we need is more people with Internet access and a 2m FM rig and whip
antenna monitoring the 145.800 dowlink and feeding packets heard to port 23.  All the hard work is done and inplace...

On 30 Jul 2001, Delbert Matlock wrote:

> I've had mixed emotions about the packet reports.  On one hand, they do add to e-mail clutter.  On the other hand, there was one time that Arthur Rowe's report was the only way I knew I had made it through.  On the gripping hand, maybe we should start considering a better approach.
> An idea has been bouncing around in my head for a while about using a web based reporting system to catalog these reports.  A simple system would just take the raw data and catalog it with a simple text search.  A more complex method would be to use some text parsing to pull out sending station identification and times.  Combine that with some coordinate information for the receiving host and you have the start of a profiling system.
> Down the road, it is possible to imagine automated receiving stations that pump data directly into the database.  All a user would need to do is go to the site and enter a call sign and location.  Up would come a list of receiving stations and their distance information.
> ISS is going to be with us for a long time.  Investing some effort in software development might not be a bad support project.
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