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Great School ARISS Contact this AM

I was scanning and awaiting for the ISS to pass overhead to make an
unscheduled ISS contact (23 May 01 1411 to 1422Z) when I heard the ISS loud
and clear but I had to wait for another day for my contact as Jim Voss was
busy answer question with Moran Prarie Elementary School, Spokane, WA.

Jim was getting some good questions since all I can hear was the answers.  I
have a good tape recording of the event.

I have a good idea what I will have to have for our school contact.  Tried a
couple of configuration within my station for reception and a satellite
antenna tracking the station from horizon to horizon will be need to get the
full pass.  Was not able to test the transmission this pass.

Congrats to Moran Prarie Elementary.

Walt Jones

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