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Re: Re: [amsat-bb] Re: TX-Cycle Recommendation?

On 4/12/01 7:53 PM Bob Bruninga (bruninga@usna.edu) wrote:

>> I don't have enough power to get over those that are pinging it 
>> every 30 seconds. just look at k4hg:
>> K4HG-1>RT3Y7P,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 21:37:06 UTC]: <<UI>>:
>> 'm8zl#Xk/]"3z}
>Careful!  K4HG is Steve Dimse who has made all this possible.  He also has
>dropped everything he was doing and worked 'round the clock for the last 2
>days to put together the LIVE Global http://www.aprs.net ISS/APRS web site
>to show the world how this all works.  HIS test packets are required for
>him to see if it works and to test things...
The site is www.ariss.net...

Actually this was a power test, the first two packets were high (not sure 
why the D700 sent two in three seconds though), the second was at medium 
power, and for the rest of the pass I was on low. I did this early in the 
pass when the footprint covered the smallest amount of the US. 
Interestingly enough, I only saw two packets returned, or I would have 
stopped sending sooner.

As to the ariss.net page, none of these packets made it through to the 
internet system, the last report from me is more than a day old. This 
shows we need more people IGating the ISS traffic to the internet.

Finally, as the southern-most sat op in the continental US, I'm the most 
geographically challenged, getting only one evening and one early AM pass 
over 10 degrees elevation! 

Steve K4HG
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