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Re: Re: [amsat-bb] Re: TX-Cycle Recommendation?

> are showing up is actually going *down* with time as the rate of uplink attempts
> goes up. When I see a pass with five or six downlinks of the same UI, I have to
> wonder how much EIRP somebody is using to do that.

yup...here is what i got off the last pass. i don't even try to connect anymore. 
no reason to, i don't have enough power to get over those that are pinging it 
every 30 seconds. just look at k4hg.

WD2Z>QST,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 21:36:00 UTC]: <UI>:
>EL88/- WD2Z@hotmail.com

K4HG-1>RT3Y7P,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 21:37:06 UTC]: <<UI>>:

K4HG-1>RT3Y7P,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 21:37:09 UTC]: <<UI>>:

N4ZQ-3>APRK25,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 21:37:23 UTC]: <<UI>>:
>121948z 10W-Jpole-n4zq@hotmail.com

K4HG-1>RT3Y7P,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 21:37:36 UTC]: <<UI>>:

WD4OZN>EM55,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 21:38:39 UTC]: <<UI>>:

WD2Z>QST,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 21:38:47 UTC]: <UI>:
>EL88/- WD2Z@hotmail.com

N4ZQ-3>APRK25,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 21:38:50 UTC]: <<UI>>:
=2801.15N/08246.20W-.../.../ Keith n4zq@hotmail.com

N3UYI-3>APK101,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 21:39:26 UTC]: <<UI>>:
:NOCALL   :hello de AL!{T

WD4OZN>EM55,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 21:39:31 UTC]: <<UI>>:

KB2WQM-4>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 21:39:42 UTC]: <<UI>>:
>fm29pe/* hi fr Jeff in SNJ

K4HG-1>RT3Y7P,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 21:39:44 UTC]: <<UI>>:

W9GPS-3>S9UP5U,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 21:40:00 UTC]: <<UI>>:
'u@]l -/]Dave

WD4OZN>EM55,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 21:40:03 UTC]: <<UI>>:

KB2WQM-4>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 21:40:09 UTC]: <<UI>>:
>fm29pe/* hi fr Jeff in SNJ

WD4OZN>EM55,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 21:41:07 UTC]: <<UI>>:

K4HG-1>RT3Y7P,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 21:41:10 UTC]: <<UI>>:

W4SAT>BEACON,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 21:41:23 UTC]: <UI>:
>EM72bm/- W4SAT in Tallassee,Al

W3IP>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 21:41:38 UTC]: <<UI>>:

W9GPS-3>S9UP5U,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 21:41:55 UTC]: <<UI>>:
'u@]l -/]Dave

W3IP>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 21:42:11 UTC]: <<UI>>:

KQ2V>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 21:42:16 UTC]: <<UI>>:

W3IP>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 21:42:50 UTC]: <<UI>>:

N3ZLL-3>S9SY2W,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 21:42:56 UTC]: <<UI>>:

KB2WQM-4>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 21:42:59 UTC]: <<UI>>:

KB2WQM-4>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 21:43:00 UTC]: <<UI>>:

KF4PVN-7>SXUT1X,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 21:43:03 UTC]: <<UI>>:

KQ2V>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 21:43:06 UTC]: <<UI>>:

N9AB>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 21:43:17 UTC]: <UI>:

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