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RE: Burbank retry attempt Dec. 21 at 20:29UTC

David & Others:

Several on the SAREX reflector have asked what happened during the Burbank 
School, Burbank, Illinois first attempt.

I think Charlie & I addressed this, but I will reiterate.

The school heard the ISS crew but was not able to make the uplink 
connection.  There appears to be several factors that could lead to the 
missed opportunity.  The weather was certainly a factor in this.  The 
Chicago area has been hit with several very strong snow storms the past 
couple of weeks.  They also have had bitterly cold weather with sub-zero 
wind chill.  These occurred while the team was setting up the 
station---most importantly the antennas on the roof.  Cable/connector 
issues and the movement (slipping) of the antennas azimuth/elevation 
antennas are areas that will be addressed this morning.  Another potential 
factor is the audio distribution/mic gain.  All these issues will be 
checked through several end-to-end tests today.  The Burbank ground station 
team have made several other improvements to their setup which should 
improve the success of the contact.

The contact is now set for 20:29 UTC (2:29pm  CST) today, December 21.  You 
can hear the contact direct on 145.80 MHz or through MSNBC at:


I hope you join me in wishing the best of luck to the school, students, 
teachers and ground station at the Burbank School.


Frank Bauer, KA3HDO
ARISS Chairman

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>Would you mind sharing what you learned so that we can all benefit???
>David Tate
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