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At first sight this is a little off the sarex terms of reference, however I
am following up on comments that the ISS may adopt an APRS format soon. 

I remember the MIRMON project and am quite excited about this possibility.
To be able to see the ISS position in real time and all the stations
connected to it sounds very interesting.

So in preparation  I have been trying out my TMD700E on SUNSAT (which sends
APRS) and other 9k6  PACSATS (that don't). 

When in Packet mode  I tune to the PACSATS (UO-22, KO-25, TM-31) and
connect to a pc running Packcom I receive packets headed as STATUS as

 TMSAT1-11>STATUS  <UI>:B: 153968105

 UOSAT5-11>STATUS <UI>:B: 3028380796

 (also on UOSAT I got a telemetry frame.

 UOSAT5-11>TLM <UI>:o"N: @á/(&1 ¨ìVîÜy§'       ø¤ÊU       oM3

I have looked all over  the 'net and can't find anything that decodes these
STATUS bulletins. I've loaded PB and just get a similar series of
numbers.My question is: does anyone know what the STATUS codes show? and
(sorry this is  another one!) is there a simple program to decode the TLM

I ask this so that I can understand what my system is doing, prior to

garteful for any help on this one

andy G0SFJ
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