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Re: ARISS frequencies

Hi John:
You may have seen Frank's posting a little while ago about frequencies. 
We want to make sure that everyone has been made as happy as is possible
with the frequency choices.  There are another couple of ARISS
teleconferences needed to iron out the final wrinkles.  

I'll be putting the frequencies and QSL information onto the ARISS web
pages (http://ariss.gsfc.nasa.gov/) sometime before the Expedition One
crew launches.  The ham gear on ISS will not be active before Expedition
One arrives in early November.  

Dan James has started adding an "ISS status" section to the ANS
bulletins and I encourage you to keep track of that for the latest
status.  We are also working closely with the ARRL so that the general
ham community will get the news.  

Thanks for your interest!

John K Peterson wrote:
>         Can someone direct met to a site that lists the Ham frequencies for the
> ISS?  I seemed to have missed it somewhere along the way.
>                                                     "73"
>                                                        John
>                                                           NX5E

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