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Re: Shuttle Landing

>The skies were too clouded to see the ion trail in SW FL as the shuttle 
>came in over the Gulf of Mexico.   The double sonic boom however did have 
>my neighborhood up and checking their property for the source of the 
>"explosion," which totally rocked our house and rattled the windows.
>Mike Gilchrist - kf4fdj@amsat.org
>Fort Myers, FL

You're a lot closer to the reentry path than I am in central TX -- they're
still about 70 miles up (based on time of shock wave travel and some quick
top-of-the-head trigonometry) when they pass over my area and the sonic
boom is barely audible in quiet surroundings.  Of course, you're near the
area where they do the braking turns and drop down to subsonic speeds .. ;-)

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