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Space Walk

Atlantis Docks with Space Station
                                  Space Shuttle Atlantis docked with the

                                  International Space Station at 12:51
                                  a.m. CDT, or 5:51 GMT, Sunday. Now
                                  the attention of the STS-106 crew and
                                  flight controllers has turned toward a

                                  6.5-hour space walk that will be
                                  conducted by Mission Specialists Ed
                                  Lu and Yuri Malenchenko, which is
                                  scheduled to begin at 12:06 a.m. CDT,
                                  or 5:06 GMT, Monday. Their tasks
                                  include connecting nine power, data
                                  communication cables between the
                                  station's Zvezda Service Module and
                                  Zarya Control Module. The five
                                  astronauts and two cosmonauts will
                                  enter the space station Monday night.

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