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New Mir Space Station Book ISBN number

Hi All:

sorry I forgot to include the ISBN 0 7472 7380 4

"Miles Mann" <Miles_Mann@pictel.com> on 09/08/99 09:47:31 AM

To:   Miles Mann/PicTel
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Subject:  New Mir Space Station Book w/Amateur Radio

New Book about Space Station Mir

WayStation to the stars
The Story of Mir, Michael and Me
by:  Colin Foale (Astronaut Michael Foale?s farther)

Headline book publishing
A division of Hodder Headline PLC
338 Euston Road
London NW1 3BH

I received a special copy of the new book last night from the publishing company
in the UK.
I am not sure if the book has arrived in the USA.

Aprox 1/5 of the book is about how the Amateur Radio projects on Mir, helped
Mike Foale during his stay on Mir during the summer of 1997.

I have not finished reading the book, but have seen many references to Amateur
Dave Larsen N6CO , Miles WF1F and many others.
There are also several actual copies of Packet messages between Mike Foale and
his wife Rhonda.

During Michael?s mission on Mir, he learned how valuable amateur radio is, for
long duration missions.
And he learned how to use the Packet system very well.
I was even able to uploade JPG images of his family directly to his lap-top hard
MIREX was providing on line support for the PMS amateur radio projects for Mir
at that time.
Dave  Larsen and I split up some of the work load, Dave would handle most of the
packet traffic
to and from Michael. And I would handle most of the telephone phone patches
between the Mir crew and earth.
On many occasions the Mir crew told me that the audio quality of the phone
I provided was much better than the commercial links.

I hope u enjoy the reading.

73 Miles
and see you on the next space station.

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