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Re: interesting thought

Hi all,

A 2m HT on the moon, with about 1 W eirp from its rubber duck
antenna, would produce a signal on the earth's surface of about
the same strength as the EME echoes from W5UN, the world's
largest and most powerful amateur EME station.

Conversely, Dave's signal strength on the lunar surface works
out to about 0.5 microwatt if received on an omnidirectional,
unity-gain antenna, which should cause no meaningful interference
to any operations not on the same frequency.

If, instead of a HT with a rubber duck, the lunar expedition
were using a decent 100 W transceiver and an AO-13 class
cross-yagi, it would be capable of easy QSOs with mobile
amateur stations on earth (as long as they could see the moon).

And no, OSCAR Zero doesn't count for DXCC!

73, Ray
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