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Ian Coots wrote:

> Instead of allowing MIR to "crash" to earth...would it not be 
> possible to change the orbit slightly, directing it
> towards the sun until gravity and intense heat take over?

Just in case you haven't heard from anybody else on this one:

I suspect it would take a monsterous amount of thrust to cause the
appropriate change in momentum ("delta-V" in NASAspeak) to give Mir, or
any massive Earth-orbiting object (like Skylab was) an orbit that will
put it into the Sun. Changing the orbit in this way is not a "slight

It would likely involve building a very special booster for exactly this
job, at an equally monsterous cost, and not inconsiderable risk. A
comparable amount of energy would be needed
to just put the thing into so high an Earth orbit that nobody would care
that it was still there. 

Other than that it's a great idea. :-) 

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