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RE: ISS ON HF (Inspection)

Hi All!

At 08:04 PM 28-08-99 -0700, Jim Romelfanger, K9ZZ wrote:
 >If things get back on schedule, we would see some limited activity on
 >VHF from ISS in early 2000. However, Russia seems behind on the next
 >module. I believe that one (third) has to before the fourth, which
 >be a shuttle delivery. But as you know our shuttle fleet is grounded
 >a while for examination of the hydrogen fuel lines in each orbiter. I
 >believe there are about 1,600 such lines in each orbiter. (It sounds
 >like a task I would NOT enjoy!)

	Could it be wiring that they are inspecting? My shuttle status
messages indicate a fleet wide inspection of wiring. A short in one of
them during the last mission would have caused some engine controllers
to fail. They are looking more closely to see where it occurs, and how
to prevent it in the future.

	Also, some debris would have damaged one of the main shuttle engine's
bell, causing a small hydrogen leak in the bell's cooling system, and
a small plume outside the bell during the last liftoff...

	If you have more info, please sent it to me, 'cause I lost the
original message I got this info from...

		Martin VE2MRX@Amsat.org

 >Best regards, Jim Romelfanger, K9ZZ

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