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Re: Mir radio equip.

what would it take to move to the iss ??

wc3sam Sam
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Subject: [sarex] Mir radio equip.

 > By Miles Mann WF1F,
 > MAREX-NA (Manned Amateur Radio Experiment, North American Division)
 > Hi All:
 > Thanks for your suggestions on what to do with the Amateur Radio equipment
 > on Mir, when Mir is finally retired in February 2001.
 > I have asked similar questions of Energia during my dealing the Mir
 > radio program.
 > In 1996 I asked one of the engineers how much it would cost to bring down
 > of the modems which is no longer used. I wanted to put the old PaCom
 > modem
 > in a museum
 >  He said that the amount of hardware
 > they can bring back to earth is very limited.  Usually all space is filled
 > the
 > Soyuze with computer data and photographic film and medical experiments.
 > The cost to bring back 1 pound of hardware was very expensive.
 > So i told him to toss the Modem in the trash truck because the memory
 > was
 > now leaking and we did not want the lithium to contaminated the air and
 > supply.
 >  I am not sure if they ever tossed it.
 > Recently i asked question again and was told that is still would not be
 > to bring
 > any of the amateur radio equipment on Mir.  We can always hope.
 > The existing Mir Kantronics KPC-9612 modem, Serial number 401 has passed a
 > lot of important traffic over the past 2 years.
 > During my telecon today with Energia, ill make a point of passing on some
 > your
 > comments.
 > PS
 > Rather than having a Flea Mkt to raise money for P3D, why dont you
 > raise money for MAREX-NA.
 > The Kantonics and SSTV projects both came from MAREX-NA and
 > we also have project proposals being reviewed for ISS.
 > 73 Miles
 > Andy:
 > Does anyone know what they will do with the amateur station when they are
 > finished with MIR? Surely it won't burn up with MIR. What does everyone
 > think they should do with it?
 > Andy C. Tolar (KF4AIO)
 > **********************************************
 > HI All;
 >      In my opinion, They should remove the equipment and return it to
 > Earth. This of course depends on them having enough room in their capsule
 > to do so.  At the very least It could be serviced so when (if) they
 > return to MIR it will be in good condition.  Maybe they wouldn't have the
 > problems they seem to be having with the packet system from time to time
 >                           "73"      John,   KG5ZA
 > **********************************************
 >  Bruce Bostwick
 > Unfortunately it will probably go down with the ship, so to speak.  The
 > only alternative would be to bring it down aboard the last Soyuz, and
 > in those Spam cans is EXTREMELY scarce .. somewhat smaller than an Apollo
 > CM, and there's way more important stuff that would have to come back
 > first.  There are no further Mir-STS dockings planned since NASA is
 > concentrating on getting ISS online and STS launches cost upwards of $500
 > million a shot ..
 >            Bruce Bostwick  KD5BIV    Austin, TX  Grid EM10DH
 > **********************************************
 > Roger:
 > I think they should hold a Flea Market and donate the money they raise to
 > P3D project...
 > Roger
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